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Main Features Welcome to the official website of District Health Society Arwal
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Main features

  • More and more facility for public .
  • To promote institutional deliveries.
  • Cutting the death rate of newborn and maternity.
  • Cent - per cent of children vaccinated.
  • Mother and child safety and child nurturing Prasuti under the plan - to make available funds for food.
  • And to promote Nsbnndi Bndhyakrn.
  • Distribution of free medicine.
    Contract on the district program manager, district manager and account data assistant, health manager, the appointment of doctors and other health workers.
  • Under the Public Private Partonrship in the hospital 24 × 7 for the coming Mrijo X - ray, pathology, ambulance, clean - cleaning, providing food and other facilities.
  • Restoration of hope and health related information on the contract and help the village - the village to provide.